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The Somatic experience with Simonetta is a subtle, kind and very effective form of therapy. It dealt with my emotional issues without having to relive any previous experience directly. I felt that progress was made at a steady rate and I always looked forward to the next session.  One of the indirect results is that I am no longer jumpy or easily spooked by people who disturb me when I am concentrating on something - I took this as a sign of real progress on many levels.

Steve Matthews – Sales and Marketing, Anxiety (4 sessions)


You were so helpful and I wanted to say a big thank you especially for the knee shoogling tool. I use it on and off, in fact today, and I find it such a release when I am stressed.

N.D. Business Consultant, Anxiety (1 session)


Treatment from Simonetta means I can live inside my own skin again. What she does is as much physiological as emotional or psychological. The methods she uses are unexpectedly powerful, but leave vital forms of control in my hands so I can feel safe within it all. Highly recommended for others who have been through significant emotional trauma leading to intrusive thoughts and overwhelming responses.

Edinburgh Mum, Shock Trauma (2 sessions)


Five months ago I experienced a concussion in a motor vehicle accident that appeared to be fairly minor.  I found myself having difficulty with memory, dizziness, nausea and nervousness about many things in my life that previously were not stressful.   It felt as if my life were no longer mine, and that the trauma of the accident had left me with less than my usual full life.   I began working with Simonetta via Skype sessions.  I was amazed at the simplicity and the effectiveness of our work together.  With gentleness and with humour she guided me in release and recovery.  Over a period of 6 sessions we were able to release and unravel the trauma of the accident, allowing me to regain confidence, clarity and my life again.  I was surprised that we could do this over the miles (I am in Canada) but there was no difficulty whatsoever in our working in this way.  I am noticing a number of things pretty immediately after our time together, our first session.

I feel a sense of lightness, there is almost a physical sensation of lightness in the body and in particular in the head.  There was a quality of denseness, a physical sensation of the brain being dense, of being held in some sort of constriction, that has lifted and I seem to be able to perceive more clearly, more confidently, with a sense of clarity my world.

I also observe that there is a quality of relaxation of underlying panic, anxiety.  A greater sense of flow energetically in the body, and in the breathing. Also emotional, not crying, but feel I could cry, a letting go sense. 

 I feel that my sessions with Simonetta allowed me to recover in a far more effective manner than if I had simply “given it time.”  We were able to go deeply into the full physical and emotional aspects of the accident and achieve healing on deep levels.  I am now living my life fully, again.

Denise Kilshaw, Car Accident, Canada via Skype 
(6 sessions)


Having suffered physical, painful and debilitating effects of stress, I was recommended to see Simonetta. It soon became apparent through my sessions with her that there was much more contributing to my stress than I realised, including unresolved childhood issues and emotions. Over the following months I experienced huge positive changes in my life, including greater confidence, not worrying, no longer fearing making mistakes or what other people might think of me. One of the greatest changes has been at home, where we turned from a shouty family into a much calmer family - all because I was no longer stressed out and getting angry at everybody. My children are now blossoming as a result. Simonetta has been pivotal in facilitating these changes in my and my family's life.

Malcolm, Stress-related pain, anxiety (19 sessions)


Simonetta helped me immensely after I suffered the loss of a pregnancy. After Somatic Experiencing I felt a lot more relaxed and stronger. I feel it also helped some deep-rooted issues, making me more confident and secure. I only had two sessions but Simonetta taught me some exercises that I use regularly.

D.W. Glasgow - Post-miscarriage trauma (2 sessions)

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Home, hospital or hospice visits by arrangement

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