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Individual Therapy with Jan

Jan is one of the assistant tutors for the MFR and Somatic Trauma Therapy courses.

Jan Southern is the founder of Live Beyond Migraine.

Through guided self-paced learning and self-practice techniques, Jan’s programs allow people to gain insight and a new understanding of themselves and migraine. Empowering them to change their experience of migraine from one of misunderstanding and unease to a place of clarity and safety.
Migraine is unique to each person as it is a condition where the brain interprets incoming information differently. This typically leads to lots of confusion and tumbling down rabbit holes; leaving people at a loss to know what is really most helpful for them.

Jan helps each person understand how their brain and body creates and responds to pain. But, migraine is not only about our brain and our body; it is about our lives, our relationships and our place in the world.

Her approach is active and is very much grounded in the real world. No trigger hunting, no need to retreat to a mountain top or carve out huge chunks of time from your everyday life.

To join one of her programmes visit:

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