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Individual Therapy with Anna

Holistic Massage Therapist and Usui Reiki Practitioner. Anna supports clients with long term health difficulties, pain management and loss of connection to the self to develop a kind and compassionate inner-voice she encourages body literacy and deep self-compassion.

Supporting clients to recognise and understand the cues of their body and nervous system offers so much more in terms of the depth at which you can do work together.

Reiki is a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with massage as well as a stand alone treatment. It offers a deep connection between the client and practitioner that allows relaxation and relief from pain that can be incredibly beneficial for people with long term health challenges. It also supports a beautiful mind/heart/body connection that can support clients to have the resilience and curiosity for deeper-delving bodywork sessions.

Anna’s previous background in the creative arts and education has given her a solid foundation to support clients with a huge amount of compassion and understanding. Her own experience with Endometriosis and multiple surgeries as well as following a personal path of healing that has included these modalities alongside life coaching, traditional talk therapy and also somatic therapy, gives her a unique perspective and set of experiences to draw from when relating to clients. She works with strong boundaries and informed consent that keep the space entirely safe and centred on the client and their needs.

You will be met with a genuine curiosity about who you are and what you need through Anna’s work. Her practise isn’t about surface-level change, it is about deep self-knowing and acceptance of the whole body. Through this she believes we can begin to make the best choices for our health and feeling empowered with in it.

Anna is based in Newcastle and is continuing her training in somatic trauma therapy and Myofascial release. For more information visit

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