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Holistic Therapeutic Massage Diploma

This course is now full, waiting list only. The next Massage Diploma will start on 25/26 April, 2020.

Please phone 07843 426 381 to arrange an interview before paying your deposit. 


Course Content

Your principal tutor is Simonetta Logan who has been in full time clinical practice since 1993.

We teach classic Swedish Massage in such a way that you learn to work intuitively, with a listening touch. This ensures that by the end of the course, your massage perfectly suits your client's needs. Each day begins with Tai Qi or movement to help you learn the most effective, comfortable massage stance and posture.

A solid grounding in physiology, anatomy and pathology underpins the course work so that you understand the benefits of massage and the reasons for contra-indications. This is the part of the course that can seem intimidating. We find people learn best when they are having fun so we make sure that you enjoy it with games, quizzes, drawing and role play.

As you become more confident you learn specific pain-relieving techniques including myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques and stretching. You are taught how to work with the breath to deepen clients' relaxation and acceptance of the massage.

You will be instructed in the skill of taking a detailed case history so that a thorough assessment is made of your client's requirements and any underlying problems brought to their attention. Clients can then take their own part in their healing process.

Developmental supervision

Ethics, boundaries and referral

Listening skills

Draping the client

Room, table preparation and hygiene

How to start up in professional practice and get new clients

A certificated First Aid course, valid for three years

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"I have great respect for the quality of work they are looking to pass on and that is why I was drawn to this course, for exactly this experience. Working more deeply with people is my aim...not just to rub the surface."
Erin Scrutton - Kinesiology Therapist

Working with intuition

Our criteria for students are that they have insight and are prepared to work on themselves. They should be sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of others and able to communicate emotionally and verbally.

We show you how to become aware of your own physical feelings and how they may relate to your emotions. This helps you to understand your own emotional process so that your work becomes more authentic and empathetic.

"Simonetta taught this detailed massage course with endless enthusiasm, professionalism and also wonder at the intricacies of the human body and more than this, I was invited to explore how touch impacts on all aspects of our well-being, beyond only the physical dimension."
Cath Heneghan - Mental Health Worker

We teach you basic listening skills, introducing exercises that increase your self-awareness and sensitivity to the feelings of others.

An introduction is made to energy healing, further developing your intuition. This assists your understanding of the physiology of the emotions.

Supervised practical sessions

The emphasis is on experiential learning and students learn by peer practice. During the course, when you are ready, you undertake work on clients in an external clinical environment. This takes place under supervision and is a great help to build confidence and professionalism.

“I've learnt so much and cannot wait to get out into the professional world to use the skills I've been taught."
Diana Best - Research Assistant

Professional Qualification

The course leads to the Diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Massage for successful graduates. You will gain the confidence, knowledge, experience and qualifications needed to start your own professional massage practice.

Massage practitioners are being increasingly employed in leisure centres, hospitals, hospices, voluntary organisations and in large corporations. An advantage is that you work hours to suit yourself, full or part-time.

On graduation you can register with the Massage Training Institute, entitling you to inclusion on their practitioner list. You will also have access to the Institute’s insurance scheme with Balens' complementary therapist's insurers.

Required Course Books

Please click here to see or order course books.

Click here to download the study guide which tells you everything you need to know about the Diploma Course.

Fees and How to Apply

Click here to find out about course fees and the application process.

We also ask all prospective students to contact us to arrange an informal interview with Simonetta.  This will ensure that the course will properly meet your needs. The deposit is fully refundable up to one month prior to the start of the course.

You can contact Simonetta to arrange this on 07843 426381 or by clicking the Contact Us link at the foot of this page.

Classes will take place over ten approximately monthly weekends. A maximum class of eight ensures all students receive individual attention.

Clinic space is also available for students' practice in Comely Bank Chiropody Surgery, EH4 1BN.

Next Course dates:

30/1 November/December 2019
11/12 January 2020
8/9 February
7/8 March
11/12 April
9/10 May
13/14 June
11/12 July
5/6 September
10/11 October
Exam Dates
20/21/22  November       2020
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