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Covid Guidelines

Scottish Government guidance for close contact retail services (updated 6th August 2021) – full guidelines

Face-coverings remain law for most indoor settings, including CAM, Beauty, Hair, Spa and all massage treatments. This means that both therapists and their clients must wear a face-covering for the duration of all treatments (medical exemptions apply). This also applies in all training, supervision and exam settings for the close contact services.

When any nose and mouth treatment requires the client to remove their face-covering, the therapist should wear a type IIR mask and eye protection (goggles or visor). Clients should replace their face-covering immediately afterwards.

Risk assessments must continue to be used for all treatment settings where ventilation and hygiene remain the most important mitigation in the hierarchy of control measures.

Self-isolation will no longer be necessary if therapists are identified as a close contact as long as they receive a negative PCR test. You should, however, self-isolate until a negative test has been received.

Covid screening can be done prior to treatment and asks if the client has any Covid-19 symptoms or should be isolating for any reason. Covid-19 screening can be done face to face prior to treatment, with social distancing.

From 9 August, there will be no legal requirement for social distancing, however, Scottish Government recommends that, where possible, social distancing measures remain in place for the close contact services to reduce any viral transmission.

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