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About Ana

Ana leads much of the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology aspects and supports Simonetta in the planning and delivering of the morning sessions of the Holistic Therapeutic Massage diploma course. She also assists on the Myofascial Release, Somatic Trauma and Energy courses.

Ana has worked as a General Nurse since 2011 and has a great understanding of person-centred care and individualised treatment. As part of her work she supports student nurses in their learning and practice.

Ana became interested in massage and body work while in University, after getting enrolled onto an introductory course in Swedish Massage which introduced her to experience some of the secrets that our body holds. She qualified in holistic massage therapy in 2017 at the School of Holistic Therapy.

Shortly after graduating at the School, and due to her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, Ana was asked to join us to assist with teaching. A focused and intelligent teacher, with a real interest in her subject, Ana instils a fascination with how our bodies work.

Ana is based in Edinburgh and works as a therapist in Somatic Trauma, Biological decoding and Family Constellations.  For more information or to make a appointment, call her on 07475 253553 or visit Ana Isabel Piris

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